Your child can receive Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy all in one convenient location!


Pediatric Physical Therapy


Our occupational therapists concentrate on working with your child to develop fine motor skills, reaching or grasping, cognition, sensory processing, social emotional development, visual processing and feeding skills.  Treatment plans will be individualized to your child's needs and will help focus on reaching age-appropriate goals.  We will provide services to help your child reach their maximal potential in the following areas:

       Fine and Gross Motor Skills


       Feeding Skills

       Sensory Processing and Integration

       Self-help Skills

       Gravitational Insecurity

       Visual Motor and Perceptual Skills

      Adaptive Equipment and Positioning


               and Training


       Coordination and Balance


       Motor Development

       Neuromuscular Conditions

       Orthopedic Conditions

       Ambulation and Mobility

       Adaptive Equipment Assessments



Pro Step Therapy

Physical, occupational and Speech Therapy

Serving Children and Adults

Our physical therapists specialize in working with pediatrics to improve gross motor skills, coordination and balance.  We will evaluate the needs of your child and create a treatment plan with goals to help with your child's development and growth.  Our physical therapists will provide your child with interventions and activities to address the following skill sets:




        Expressive Communication

        Articulation and Pronunciation

        Swallowing and Feeding


        Literacy and Language Skills

        Auditory Processing

        Augmentative Communication Device

Our speech-language pathologists (SLP)  focus on improving all aspects of your child's communication skills.  We will work together to improve your child's communication skills  and help them participate in active communication among peers.  Our treatment plans will be specific to your child's needs and will encourage each child to develop skills in the following areas: