Speech therapy

Our therapists address communication skills like expressive and receptive language. We know each child is different and we strive to enable our clients to communicate in a way that best suits them. 

​​Physical Therapy

​Our therapists use evidence-based practice techniques for gross motor stretching, strengthening, coordination and much more!  Our goal is to maximize mobility and reach milestones in a timely fashion.

Occupational Therapy

Our therapists specialize techniques to improve fine motor skills, feeding, and so much more! Our goal is to improve your child's quality of live through mobility. 

Our Mission: To provide one-on-one services and use the latest evidence-based practices empowering our clients to become as independent as possible on their journey to an enriched life.

Our Vision: To empower independence.

Pro Step Therapy is committed to facilitating pain free, independent, functional mobility. Your child could be seen for physical, occupational and speech therapies all in one convenient location. At your child's first appointment we will perform an evaluation to determine their current level of function and create a custom treatment plan. Our therapists are all up to date on current therapeutic techniques and offer many specialties, ensuring your child will receive the best possible care.

Pro Step Therapy

Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy

Serving Children and Adults