Speech therapy

Working to develop expressive and receptive language and other communication skills is our priority.  We strive to enable our clients to participate in everyday activities with confidence. 

​​Occupational Therapy

"We provide one-on-one services and use the latest evidence-based practices empowering our clients to become as independent as possible on their journey to an enriched life". 

Pro Step Therapy

Physical, occupational and Speech Therapy

Serving Children and Adults

Our therapists will help  you learn to work with your body to restore mobility through concentrated, specialized exercises and stretches.  We help you heal your body so you can live life to its fullest.

We work to help you determine your goals and develop skills that will allow you to perform daily living activities and reach your full potential. 

Pro Step Therapy Physical Therapy

Pro Step Therapy can meet all your therapy needs by providing physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy all in one location.  When you come to Pro Step Therapy, we will evaluate your individual needs and develop a treatment plan to assist you with getting back to living at your highest potential.  We are staffed with licensed therapists that offer different specialties and can provide you with the best therapy services to help you achieve your goals! 


7011 Gum Branch Rd

Richlands, NC 28574

8905 Richlands Hwy

Richlands, NC  28574

325 Sound Road

Holly Ridge, NC  28445

Phone: 910-430-2201

Fax: 910-324-4325

Email: prosteptherapy@gmail.com